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December 7 - National Letter Writing Day

In honor of a lot of kids probably writing letters to Santa or just taking the time to catch up with loved ones, national letter writing day seems very appropriate. A lot of us just write letters on a plain white sheet of paper, but after my part time job at OfficeMax (awhile ago in college), my eyes were opened to so many different letter writing tools. There are different types of pens that are better for writing letters, different card stock qualities and color tints, there are different envelope sizes and qualities, it feels like the list is endless. Well in honor of National Letter Writing Day, let me drop some items for you to help better equip yourself or a loved one, to write some classy and classic letters.

Started by Richard Simpkin because of his love for receiving letters, letter writing has become a lot less popular in the modern age. With alternatives such as emails and posting on social media, the decline has increased more and more over time. There is something so personable and heartfelt from a handwritten letter and for all of you calligraphy fans, this is where you get to shine!

Let's hop into some cool letter writing tools!

Letter Writing Paper

Absolutely gorgeous stationary to write your letters on.


Letter Writing Envelope

Great rustic letter envelopes.


Wax Seal & Wax

The wax seal and wax stamp to top off your letter is such a classy way to top of your letter. The wax seal tagged hear will give you 6 different seal logos that spin onto the handle. You heat the wax over the candle and then you drip it onto the letter and then Boom! You stamp the letter and it creates the logo.

Wax Stamp: https://amzn.to/2JxSvRW

Wax: https://amzn.to/36PoS7u

Good luck with your letter writing endeavors or the letter writing endeavors of your loved ones! If you have any great pieces, feel free to email it to me! I would love to see the great results of all of your work.

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