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So if you are like me and do not always buy there gifts early, you are probably scrambling to find some gift ideas that you can give to that close friend or family member that always says that they don't really care what you get them. It always seems like a journey to find that gift because you do not even know where to start looking. They are just the type of people that genuinely don't care what you get them, but you know that there are things out there that they really would enjoy.

I have compiled a list of items that hopefully spark a great idea on what to get them or provide you with that item that you know will make them smile! Let's jump right into it!

Instant Pot or AirFryer

If you have read my Black Friday post, you know that I am in love with these two items! I have them in my home and they are so versatile and honestly some must haves in the kitchen. If you have that family member or friend that loves to cook, see if they have these because if not, definitely get one for them!

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Chef Knife

If your family member or friend loves to cook but already has an Instant Pot or Airfryer, then a chef's knife is the way to go! This is knife has raving reviews and if you want to get the person more knives, then you can bundle that in with the chef's knife.

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Smart Plug

If you have a techy friend or family member, don't sort through all of the newest technology, just get them this and this will allow them to make any device a smart device. A great way to make your home automated at the touch of a button.

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Due to the quarantine, many jobs are moving from work at home. I know that even in the office or at home, I get cold throughout my workday and need to heat up my room to optimize my productivity. This heater will provide that comfy environment to help you get started with your day or keep you warm at night!

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Blue Light Glasses

Great for all of those who are fortunate enough to work. Eight hours straight of staring at a computer, anyone could use less eye fatigue. I have a pair of my own and I just love them!

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Women/Men Winter Coat

A great must have considering the only exercise we are all able to get is going on walks in our local areas.

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Great for those looking for opportunities to work off some of the holiday/quarantine weight (like myself). Rock that fitbit as a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch.

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