Best Green Items to Include in Your Home

December 14 - National Green Energy Conservation Day

Everyday the world is getting warmer and soon enough, the damage that we have done to the environment will be irreversible. According to the United Nations, we only have upwards of 10 years before the damage we have done becomes completely irreversible, some scientists believe even less. There has been some help with the pandemic as most individuals are working from home and there is a lot less cars and traffic polluting the earth. Below is a breakdown of the contribution of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as of 2018.

Total Emissions in 2018 = 6,677 Million Metric Tons of CO2 equivalent. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to independent rounding.

* Land Use, Land-Use Change, and Forestry in the United States is a net sink and offsets approximately 12 percent of these greenhouse gas emissions, this emissions offset is not included in total above. All emission estimates from the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990–2018.

As we can see from above, there is a lot being contributed by commuting to work, running electricity in your home, and just living day to day life. A lot of the issue right now is that there are many people failing to recognize that it is even a problem, even though the scientific evidence is is astoundingly clear. You may be wondering, what can someone just like me do to help out? A little change can help out over time in great ways, like carpooling to work (or work from home), use energy efficient lights, make an effort to turn off lights you are not using in your home, finding ways to create as little waste as possible, etc.

You may be wondering that commercial and corporations make up 34% of the pie and that is a larger scale problem that needs to be addressed. Though the thought would be to just build more windmills and put up more solar panels (like I originally thought) to make a vast difference, it actually is not nearly as effective as you may think. It is a start in the right direction but in order to decrease influxes of energy and environmental impacts by installing large solar farms and windmills, the best alternative is to look toward nuclear energy. If you want to learn more, I attached a link to a great Ted Talk that will help provide more insight:

So what can we do if we have no ways to lobby to get nuclear energy in circulation or if you find that making these green changes feels like too much work? I have listed some items that have got me really excited and will help you save money on your energy so that the extra little effort, feels really worth it! Let's jump right into it!

LED Light Bulbs

If you have not already switched to LEDs, you definitely should. They are brighter, last a lot longer, and are far more energy efficient than the classic filament light bulbs. If you haven't already overhauled your whole entire home with these light bulbs, definitely something you should do right now!

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Compost Collecting Bin

You probably are thinking, i get a compost bin from the city to put my compost in so why would I want a giant bin that looks like a droid from a Star Wars movie? This box is made of 100% recycled plastic and is used to dump your compost into dirt in order to create great mulch. There are actually a lot of farmers that are doing the same thing to revitalize dry and nutrient lacking soil. The secret I learned from my 6th grade science teacher, Ms. McGrew, earthworms help break down all the compost and homemade mulch is one of the best ways to grow your own garden! If you are not looking to drop the money on this item, use an old plastic container you have lying around and it will do the same thing!

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Bamboo Pillow & Sheets

If you are not already rocking a bamboo pillow and bamboo sheets, you are missing out. Bamboo is a great sustainable product (because of how fast it grows) and the sheets are just so soft and silky. Also if you have any allergy problems, these bamboo products are great hypoallergenic alternatives. They have so many different colors of bedsheets and for any bed size. Honestly, so worth your money.

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Reusable Bags

If you are like me, you have probably received a lot of reusable bags that you always seem to leave at home and find them when you do not need them. This is a really cool product that dispenses reusable bags so that you are not counting on remembering them but loading them every few shopping trips. It holds up to 50lbs and can be washed. A great thing to leave in the back of your car and to reload on occasion.

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Herb Starter Kit

This set is so cool! Instead of constantly buying all of those herbs in plastic containers, grow your own herb garden! Honestly, it will save you so much money (herbs really aren't that cheap!) and will make any cooking taste more flavorful and bright!

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Beeswax Wrap

I have to give my girlfriend credit for this one! She showed me these as an alternative to plastic wrap and it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. You can use a sheet, cut it out if you want, and stretch it to cover stored food or a dish. Once you are done, you can wash with cool water and soap and then reuse it all over again. Just avoid microwaving them or exposing them to hot water!

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Cows Save the Planet: And Other Improbable Ways of restoring soil to heal the Earth

Honestly, such a great read! The book is very informative without being too technical and just a great way to understand different ways global warming is impacting us in ways we may not necessarily think about! I loved reading this book and I want to encourage you to give it a read too! If you want to be even more green, get it for your Kindle or for audible (No paper!)

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Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home is a book I have been looking to read, but just never had the chance to. It is a great guide and start to learning where you may be creating waste and where you may be able to cut back or find alternatives! As we said up above, sometimes it is the little things we do that make such a large impact!

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I hope this article has got your mind going and thinking of different ways you might be able to cut back on waste in your life. Every little bit helps and with everyone doing their part, we can begin to cultivate a Earth that will help sustain generations and generations!

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