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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Black Friday is a day of long lines, crowded parking lots, and busy streets. Interestingly, due to Covid-19, there will be a larger shift to online buying and all eyes will be focused on a more digitized Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is never to early to do your holiday shopping for family and loved ones or set up your house to make it through the rest of the quarantine. Here are some of my top picks of items to lookout for this 2020 Black Friday.

A little Black Friday history, it is called Black Friday because it is said that due to all of the shopping, it would put companies in the black (profitable). It has become a post Thanksgiving tradition and now places like Amazon have created a full week of deals. So be on the lookout.

Top 5 Picks:


Air Fryer & Instant Pot Duo

The 2020 Black Friday sales for Macy's range from far and few inbetween. Macy's has great deals on home appliances like waffle makers and pots & pan sets all the way to beauty products like eyelash curlers. The deals are pretty broad in pretty much all categories like footwear, storage containers, outwewar, pajamas, etc.

The two items I can speak from personal experience that are absolutely amazing are the Air Fryer and the Instant Pot Duo. The air fryer is great for baking anything from fish, to chicken to french fries, there is not much that this thing cannot bake. It is a great healthy alternative to deep frying and a great bang for your buck. We use it all the time and it does not take too long to heat up and is pretty quick in frying your food. If you are gonna make chicken wings, the secret to getting them crispy, baking powder.

The Instant Pot Duo is amazing for soups, beans, and vegetables. A nice and easy way to get those deep flavors with little work involved. Just dump the food and broth into the cooker and let it do its thing. A great buy if you do not already have it.


A Promised Land by Barack Obama

The newest memoir of our last Commander and Chief of the United States. He explains and defines his experience as the president of the United States and his viewpoint on democracy. This book has been released not too long ago and a great read for all of us stuck at home. The price as of today has been marked down by 40% of its current price and a great add to your book collection. You can use the link below to access the book.

Roku Ultra 2020

If you are a lover of TV, the Roku Ultra 2020 Streaming Device could be a great addition to your home. It includes additions such as bluetooth streaming, headphone jack, and Voice control. A HDMI plug-in to your TV and streams all in 4k/HD if your TV is capable of handling it. You can connect Spotify, Netflix, Disney +.

Ring Central

If you are like me and have a package showing up on your doorstep almost everyday, a ring central is great. It has an app that links to your phone and everytime there is motion in front of your house, it will activate the camera. A great way to know when you have packages and also protect the packages you do received from thieves. A great time to install and up your home security.


Airpod Pros ( and AppleWatch Series 3 (w/ GPS)

If you do not need the newest Apple technology, the Airpod Pros and AppleWatch Series 3 are offered at Walmart (online only). I am sure if you talk to anyone with an Apple product, which I am sure you know at least one, they have great reviews for each product and are still compatible with any of the newer Apple products. I do not think I need to say much more than this.


LG 55" and 65" Class -UN7300 Series - 4K UHD LED LCD TV

Best Buy is always known for the killer TV deals but Costco has stepped up its game over the recent years. There large LG 4K TVs are going for $379.99 and $499.99 respectively. They are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Airplay. If you are looking to bolster your house for the upcoming NBA season or love to watch all of your Netflix or Disney + TV shows in HD, then this TV is the one for you. Unfortunately, they are limited to only 3 per customer.


Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones and KitchenAid 5-qt Professional Stand Mixer

I own a pair of Beats and whether they are wired in or wireless, they sound quality is really great and they are very comfortable. They cancel noise really well and have such a great fit on your head. Target's markdown for the Beats for Black Friday is $175 and a great deal. I even love them for work calls and overall podcast or music listening around the house.

I know that with the holiday season coming up (even though it is always holiday season on our site), adding a KitchenAid stand mixer to your baking repertoire is a must have. Very sturdy, reliable, and a great long lasting product to have. Great for creating large batches of holiday goodies you want to send out to people to show them that you care (and to save some money). Knock out those best baking recipes with this stand mixer and show friends and family the quarantine love.

I hope you all enjoyed the quick read and hope you all subscribe to get more gift ideas for all the holidays out there!

P.S. If you are looking for more Black Friday deals, here is a great site to access that information.

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